Pilates for MS

Want to delve deeply into working with neurological conditions? Pilates for MS and Neurological Conditions is an acclaimed course that covers the MS disease process in depth, as well as issues common to many neurological diseases, including balance difficulties, weakness, muscle spasticity, bladder problems, gait abnormalities, as well as the principles and applications of neuromuscular rehabilitation and neuroplasticity in exercise. You will learn how to assess causes of balance problems, work with single side weakness to create better muscle balance, diagnose ineffective compensations and help remedy them, the importance of how and when to stretch to manage spasticity, and techniques to create "detour circuitry" in the brain and spinal cord to work around existing nervous system damage, and much more. Since the course covers so many problems common to the average student, you will have tools to work with students of nearly every population, especially the aging, and those with neurological conditions or muscle imbalances. Pilates for MS™ is offered as a 3-day training, recognized with 16 CECs (continuing education credits) from the Pilates Method Alliance. It is also core curriculum for the Women’s Health Pilates Specialist Certificate™ through the Center for Women’s Fitness, and the course is also offered in Europe through MBodies Training Academy. A companion 300+ page reference textbook with hundreds of exercises is available. A 2-day mat-only course and a 1-day introductory course are also available. For more details or to find an upcoming course, visit the Pilates for MS webpage. Participants in the 2- and 3-day courses can earn the certificate of Specialist in Pilates-Based Exercise for Multiple Sclerosis, and will be listed here.

Consultations for Instructors

If you are a teacher with a question pertaining to working with a client with a neurological or related condition, please direct your questions to us here. Our trained instructors are available to work directly with clients, but do not provide consultations for other teachers.

Pilates for MS™ Specialists (Trained Teachers):

Pilates for MS Trained Teachers at Fuse Pilates DC Studio:
  • Addie Johnson
  • Jocelyn Murray
  • Paulette Bockmann
  • Meredith Capps
  • Tori Ellis
To find a trained teacher elsewhere in the U.S., Europe, or the Middle East, visit PilatesforMS.com.

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