Pilates Reformer Classes

Fuse Reformer

Fuse Reformer combines the traditional with the far-from-traditional, taking you through a total body workout on one of Pilates favorite, and most famous, apparatus.  Of course, it's still taught by request and choreographed to music.

Fuse Circuit

Fuse Circuit is functional training at its finest. Combining Pilates reformer, tower and mat exercises with the signature Fuse method, this apparatus class offers a unique opportunity to experience the amazing strengthening and toning benefits of the Pilates machines. Fall in love with the progressive resistance of springs and see your body transformed in the process. Level 1 Circuit and Reformer are appropriate for most students with some experience in mat or reformer Pilates (barring existing injuries or conditions- check with us if you're unsure). However, Fuse Pilates reserves the right to direct you to private instruction to learn fundamentals before you continue in group classes for your own safety. Level 2 Circuit and Reformer classes will add more variations and challenges, but will offer modifications to make more difficult exercises accessible. Please have taken at least 10 Level 1 classes before moving to Open Level or get permission from the instructor to move to a more advanced class.

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