Fuse Pilates Mini-Workout for the Busy Holiday Season II

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Dec. 5, 2012) – Fuse Pilates has released another mini-workout for the holidays that's great for those on the go. Whether it's Post-Thanksgiving recovery or surviving the hectic holiday season (i.e. shopping, office and social gatherings, relatives in town, cookies and pies, etc.), maintaining a workout schedule can become extra challenging. “Working out in a class or private session is ideal because you have the teacher and your peers to cheer you along, but sometimes life gets in the way of your workout,” says Mariska Breland, founder and co-owner of Fuse Pilates. “Exercises you can do at home can fill in the gaps (or offer you a reprieve from tense holiday situations).” With just 15 minutes a day, you can get in a Fuse Pilates mini-workout that works your arms, abs and thighs/hips.

Try these moves:

Avalanche Set Up: Come to hands and knees. Walk your knees back until you are in a straight line from knees to shoulders. Walk your hands forward of your shoulders. The further forward your hands are, the easier this will be. Cues: • Inhale and bend both elbows at the same time to “drop” to your forearms. • Exhale to press both arms straight at the same time. Make sure that you donʼt sink in the lower back. Itʼs preferable to have your hips slightly lifted than to arch into your lower back Wildfire Set Up: Start seated with your knees bent, feet flat to the floor. Cross your arms like genie arms in front of your chest. Draw your abdominals inward, rounding your lower back, and lean back slightly. Cues: • Exhale to lift your left leg up from the hip and tap your knee to your arms. • Inhale to lower your leg. • Exhale to lift your right leg from the hip and tap your arms. • Repeat 10-20 times. Variations: For a greater challenge, switch your legs mid-air. Peacock Set Up: Come to a quadriped position (hands and knees with hands under shouldersand knees under hips). Cross your right ankle over your left. Cues: • Inhale to open your right knee out to the side, keeping your ankles touching. Repeat 10 times. • Move to the tougher variation by lifting your right leg up and off of your bottom leg for a second set of 10. • For a final variation, hold the top leg “Taking time to focus on your breath and moving your body can give you an added burst ofenergy after a long day of holiday activities. Plus, the more you can stick to some movement, the easier it is to come back to a regular workout schedule,” says Breland of Fuse Pilates. With just 15 minutes today, there's no need to skip out on a little time for yourself. Regular exercise serves as a natural remedy for stress management, and Fuse Pilates' goal is to keep the body hard core at every occasion, this includes high-stress seasons like the holidays. For more information on Fuse Pilates classes, workshops and private training sessions offered at the Fuse Pilates DC Playground location, visit: www.fusepilates.com. You can also download the Fuse Pilates app at iTunes.

About Fuse Pilates

Fuse Pilates, developed in 2005 by fitness expert Mariska Breland, builds on traditional Pilates exercises and teaching styles with an original, fun, and highly effective twist on Pilates mat and apparatus classes. Prompted by the growing popularity of the Fuse Pilates method, Breland partnered with Roxanna Hakimi and Sormeh Youssefieh to open the Fuse Pilates Playground in Washington DC’s trendy Dupont Circle neighborhood in June 2011. Each Fuse class is different, uniquely customized to student requests and choreographed to upbeat music. Classes offer an intense yet approachable method of mat, tower, reformer and chair instruction, along with private coaching and wellness counseling for beginner to expert levels. Fuse Pilates' highly trained and experienced instructors concentrate on 360 degrees of the body to shape and create beautifully-toned physiques while promoting overall health and wellness. To learn more about Fuse Pilates visit http://www.fusepilates.com/.

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