Fuse Pilates Provides the Perfect 10 for 2013

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Jan. 2, 2013) – The hectic, holiday season often brings additional stress and less time for exercise. When the dust settles many are on a mission for health, fitness and self-improvement in the New Year. Fuse Pilates wants to help individuals get a jump start by providing the Perfect 10, a combination of 10 Pilates classes that are ideal for fitness enthusiasts who desire to get back to a regular workout routine as well as those who are just beginning. “The Fuse Pilates Perfect 10 package is a great way to begin working out or to get back into it if you’ve taken some time off,” says Mariska Breland, creator of the Fuse Pilates Method. “And since all Fuse Pilates classes incorporate on-demand requests from students and are set to music, no two classes are ever the same, which means no boredom, all fun!” The Fuse Pilates Perfect 10 includes five mat classes and five reformer classes, providing the “best of” the Pilates repertoire, Fuse Pilates-style. The signature Fuse Pilates® mat classes are always taught by request, covering three body parts as requested by students. For example, one class might work shoulders, lower abs, and inner thighs, while the next could be glutes, obliques, and triceps. The all-level class provides a custom-tailored workout, with appropriate modifications as necessary. The reformer classes allow students to experience the strengthening, stretching, and toning benefits of the Fuse Pilates machines, and include Fuse Circuit, classes that combine reformer, tower and mat exercises with the signature “by request” Fuse method. The jump classes incorporate plyometric intervals using the jumpboard and areideal for the cardio junkies who are interested in full-body strength training for arms, legs, abs, back and glutes. “Some students are intimidated by the Fuse Pilates apparatus classes, but the Perfect10 allows them to make a minimal commitment, experience the uniqueness of these classes ‘Fuse-style’, while still enjoying their favorite mat classes,” says Roxanna Hakimi, co-owner of Fuse Pilates. The Fuse Pilates Perfect 10 package is available now for $235. For more information on additional packages, Fuse Pilates classes, workshops and private training sessions offered at the Fuse Pilates DC Playground location, visit: www.fusepilates.com. You can also download the Fuse Pilates app at iTunes.

About Fuse Pilates

Fuse Pilates, developed in 2005 by fitness expert Mariska Breland, builds on traditional Pilates exercises and teaching styles with an original, fun, and highly effective twist on Pilates mat and apparatus classes. Prompted by the growing popularity of the Fuse Pilates method, Breland partnered with Roxanna Hakimi and Sormeh Youssefieh to open the Fuse Pilates Playground in Washington DC’s trendy Dupont Circle neighborhood in June 2011. Each Fuse class is different, uniquely customized to student requests and choreographed to upbeat music. Classes offer an intense yet approachable method of mat, tower, reformer and chair instruction, along with private coaching and wellness counseling for beginner to expert levels. Fuse Pilates' highly trained and experienced instructors concentrate on 360 degrees of the body to shape and create beautifully-toned physiques while promoting overall health and wellness. To learn more about Fuse Pilates visit http://www.fusepilates.com/.

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