How To ‘Fuse’ Work And Play

WASHINGTON D.C. (July 23, 2012) – Mariska Breland and Roxanna Hakimi, co-owners of Fuse Pilates Playground, share their tips for ‘fusing’ work and play. “We think it’s important for work/life balance in order to lead a healthy lifestyle,” says Hakimi. “We’re both passionate about our business, however, we’re very aware that there are other aspects of our lives that also need attention.” As business women, the Fuse ladies lead a dynamic fitness-filled lifestyle at work and have learned a few tips and tricks along the way that work well in their personal lives, too. “I think everyone, at one time or another, has taken their work home with them,” says Breland. “And sometimes your personal life comes to work. This can all be a positive thing!” By balancing work and play, Hakimi and Breland have learned that fusing the two has actually turned out to be beneficial. Below are some tips they’ve picked up along the way in search of  ‘that perfect balance.’
  • Work Is A State Of Mind: Enjoy what you do and it won’t seem like work. If you’re not where you want to be, then find the positive in where you are.
  • A Thin Line Between Work And Play: Take your favorite part of work and bring it into your personal life and vice versa. Ex: Love to cook at home? Become the resident chef at work by randomly bringing in your favorite dish to share! Are you known as a math guru at work? Offer to tutor children!
  • Know When To Take A Break: Work and play shouldn’t be life encompassing. Know that you need to take some time away from both. A midday coffee break to yourself, a fitness class, or a long drive, whatever it is, you need to take some time to sit out on the ‘bench.’
  • Share: Have any tips of your own? Share your knowledge with other co-workers, family members and friends, it can be beneficial for both of you!
Test out the tips above and see how combining work and play can make for an overall healthier and balanced lifestyle. For more information about the Fuse Pilates Playground or to meet the Fuse team, please visit:

About Fuse Pilates

Fuse Pilates, developed in 2005 by fitness expert Mariska Breland, builds on traditional Pilates exercises and teaching styles with an original, fun, and highly effective twist on Pilates mat and apparatus classes. Prompted by the growing popularity of the Fuse Pilates method, Breland partnered with Roxanna Hakimi to open the Fuse Pilates Playground in Washington DC’s trendy Dupont Circle neighborhood in June 2011. Each Fuse class is different, uniquely customized to student requests and choreographed to upbeat music. Classes offer an intense yet approachable method of mat, tower, reformer and chair instruction, along with private coaching and wellness counseling for beginner to expert levels. Fuse Pilates' highly trained and experienced instructors concentrate on 360 degrees of the body to shape and create beautifully-toned physiques while promoting overall health and wellness. To learn more about Fuse Pilates visit

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