Meet the Savvy Women Behind the Fuse Pilates Brand

WASHINGTON D.C. (July 23, 2012) – Meet Mariska Breland and Roxanna Hakimi, Fuse Pilates co-owners, and the savvy team behind the Fuse Pilates Playground – a unique Pilates studio located in DC’s Dupont Circle. Fuse Pilates is a revolutionary Pilates method, founded by Mariska Breland, that incorporates over three hundred exercises into an on-demand style class with upbeat, energetic music providing an electrifying fitness session like no other. The studio offers more than forty group classes per week including: Fuse Foundations, Fuse Focus, Fuse Reformer, Fuse Tower, Fuse Circuit and more! Get to know the ladies below and see how they’ve shaped the Fuse brand into what it is today. Meet Mariska: Mariska Breland has merged her passion for the method she created, and love of teaching, into a business that boasts a Fuse-fit lifestyle that focuses on physical fitness as well as healthy lifestyle choices. Her fervent approach to the Fuse method is inspiring and motivational to both students and teachers at the Playground. Her charismatic, yet meticulous teaching style makes for a one-of-a-kind instructor that can only be found at Fuse. “Rox and I work seamlessly together. I think the key to that is that we both have different things to bring to the table and that makes for a great collaboration,” says Breland. “We each have specific aspects of the business that we like to focus on and together the Fuse brand comes to life.” Meet Roxanna: Roxanna Hakimi’s aspiration to live a healthy lifestyle with her family is what incorporates a certain familial element to Fuse. With a husband that works in the food industry, a bakery owner to be exact, she knows first-hand that the temptation to make the wrong nutritional choices is always there. Instead, she relishes in tweaking recipes and finding new ways to make those “temptations” a bit more nutritious and shares them with the Fuse family. “There are so many elements to running a successful business. You have to be passionate about it and surround yourself with positive people that are equally inspiring. Mariska and I have a great partnership by bringing together our personalities and providing our clients with a revolutionary method in a studio that focuses on fitness as well as a healthy lifestyle, making friends and feeling great!” says Hakimi. While DC fitness enthusiasts enjoy the “hard core” classes provided at the innovative studio, the Fuse ladies know that the brand isn’t just about the method, they’re sharing a lifestyle.

About Fuse Pilates

Fuse Pilates, developed in 2005 by fitness expert Mariska Breland, builds on traditional Pilates exercises and teaching styles with an original, fun, and highly effective twist on Pilates mat and apparatus classes. Prompted by the growing popularity of the Fuse Pilates method, Breland partnered with Roxanna Hakimi to open the Fuse Pilates Playground in Washington DC’s trendy Dupont Circle neighborhood in June 2011. Each Fuse class is different, uniquely customized to student requests and choreographed to upbeat music. Classes offer an intense yet approachable method of mat, tower, reformer and chair instruction, along with private coaching and wellness counseling for beginner to expert levels. FusePilates' highly trained and experienced instructors concentrate on 360 degrees of the body to shape and create beautifully-toned physiques while promoting overall health and wellness. To learn more about Fuse Pilates visit

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