The Fuse Mini-Workout for the Busy Jetsetter

Whether it’s leaving for business, to see family and friends, or just to see the world, traveling can be an exhausting process with minimal time to hit the gym or think about staying in shape. While taking a break for relaxation and recovery can be a good thing for the body, too long ortoo frequent of breaks can decrease strength and slow the workout momentum upon return to aregular fitness routine. Body weight is a tremendous advantage everyone has for moves thatcan be done in any hotel room, anywhere, anytime. Taking these simple exercises from the Fuse Pilates method makes it easy to keep up when getting to the gym or is not a possibility.
Shortcut for Defined Arms: Kilauea
Keep your hips high and maintain a mountain shape to send more of your body weight into yourshoulders and upper back for this pushup variation.
Set Up: Come to a plank position and then lift your hips high into a downward facing dog. Keep your abdominals pulled in. Slightly rotate your arms inward (you can “pigeon toe” yourfingers, but make sure the rotation comes from the shoulders).
• Inhale to bend your elbows out to the sides, lowering the crown of your head toward the floor. Keep your hips high.
• Exhale to press your arms straight.
• Repeat up to 20 times.
Shortcut for Defined Abs: Twister
Set Up: Start seated with both legs bent, feet flat to floor. Extend your arms in front of you and bring your hands together, palms touching.
• Inhale to rotate your body to the left from the waist (your knees should remain in exactly the same position as when you started).
• Touch the outside of your left leg with your right hand and slide your hand along yourlegs as you lower down to your waistband.
• Exhale to rotate to the other side and roll up on the right.
• Lower down on the right, and roll up on the left.
• Repeat up to 10 times.
Don’t forget to work your obliques at the same time as pulling your abs inwards to flatten theentire abdominal wall in this half roll down variation.
Shortcut for Defined Glutes: Staccato
Set Up: Lie on your side propped up on your forearm. Bend your bottom leg to 90 degrees sothat your shin is parallel to the front of the mat. Extend your top leg straight out from the hip.
• Internally rotate your extended leg so that your toes point down towards the floor.
• Lift your leg up and move it forward.
• Lower your leg down and touch the floor with your toes. Lift your leg back up and returnto the start position. Repeat 8-10 times.
• Hold the leg in the back position and lift in a tiny range of motion for 20 reps.
• Bring the leg to the forward position and lift in a tiny range of motion for 20 reps.
• Repeat the entire sequence on the other side.
Variation: Target the outer hip muscles (gluteus medius, minimus, and tensor fasciae latae) even more by bringing your working leg into internal rotation in this pulsing exercise.
While there is no shortcut to total health and fitness, the Fuse Pilates style caters to all lifestylesto prepare and keep the body hard core in every situation. It’s ideal to also maintain a healthy and balanced diet in addition to these on-the-go moves. Each Fuse exercise can be done inminimal time with nothing other than your own body weight for resistance to maintain that leanlook while keeping up strength.
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