Teacher Training

Fuse Pilates Certification in DC

Fuse Pilates Mat

Each year, Fuse Pilates invites a select number of individuals to train in our teaching method. Although our Pilates classes are non-traditional, we have high expectations and requirements for all of our staff. Our mat teachers have over 100 hours of training, including theory, anatomy, exercise science, and teaching practice before they teach their first mat class. Each undergoes an extensive apprenticeship with a senior teacher, as well as continuing education requirements. This far exceeds the industry standard for mat-only Pilates instructors. Note that we pull most of our trainees from existing students or invite seasoned teachers to learn our Method through a bridge program. We do not offer an open training program at this time.

Fuse Reformer/Tower/Chair/Jump

All of our apparatus teachers have received traditional Pilates training in the apparatus prior to continuing their education through a Fuse Pilates bridge program for our style of apparatus classes. Our apparatus teachers average over 600 hours of training. Fuse does not offer a comprehensive Pilates certification program at this time. However, if you are already a teacher or teacher-in-training, and you are interested in joining our team, email us at teachertraining@fusepilates.com.

Advanced Pilates Education Programs

Pilates for MS

Pilates for MS is a three day intensive teacher training covering everything from the basics of working with clients with neurological injury to broader topics such as balance, gait, spasticity, weakness, neuromuscular reeducation, and the exciting field of neuroplasticity and exercise. Applications for stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and other neurological diseases are included. This course is part of the Women's Health Pilates Certificate, through the Center for Women's Fitness. For upcoming dates, visit the Pilates for MS page here.  

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