The Pilates for MS™ Textbook

Although a book is no substitute for learning to work with the MS population directly through the experts teaching our workshops, we understand that many of you are unable to travel to a destination workshop. You might be already working with clients with MS and other neurological conditions without any guidance, having mixed results, or wondering where to start. What better reference than a book written by a long time teacher of fitness and student of neuroscience who actually understands MS first-hand? This reference guide is an overview targeted to Pilates teachers, experienced fitness trainers, and physical therapists. Persons with MS can also benefit from this textbook, filled with information Mariska wishes she had when she was first diagnosed. The Pilates for MS™ Textbook is a supplement to the Specialist in Exercise for MS training course, and includes exercises that are applicable for nearly all neurological diseases and spinal cord injuries. Buy the textbook today, and get $250 off the course if you can attend a workshop in the future**. Mariska is available for Skype consults, which is advisable before beginning work with your clients or whenever you encounter a challenge. Email her for rates and availability. The book contains:
  • 300 pages, full color, spiral-bound
  • Overview of the MS disease process, symptoms, and the science behind how and when to exercise for different symptoms
  • 250 exercises, divided by level – appropriate for students attempting rehab from significant disability to newly diagnosed who want to prevent disability or worsening of symptoms (and everyone in between)
  • Exercises using mat, small ball, stability ball, theraband, as well as Pilates magic circle, reformer, Cadillac, Wunda chair, and barrels
  • A complete list of common medications, treatments, and their side effects that may impact an exercise program
  • Detailed explanations of how to work with balance difficulty, gait issues, weakness, hemiparesis, bladder/bowel problems, spasticity, and other common neurological symptoms
  • Introduction to the science of Neuroplasticity and ways to integrate it into a training program
  • Comprehensive reference guides, new student forms, and more
**Because we have a robust training program underway in the UK, we are not selling the textbook or offering the workshop discount there or in other European countries where the workshop is scheduled. Please direct your questions regarding textbook sales and workshop availability here. No teacher will be endorsed without having attended the full training program. The Pilates for MS™ course itself includes continuously updated information, additional exercises, and scientific research, as well as guided teaching practice and case study work. Email us for bulk order discounts.

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