Why Fuse?

The Top 3 Reasons to Fuse

  1. There are tons of workouts out there claiming to be hard core.  They promise plenty of pain paired with profuse sweat in exchange for a kickass beach body that will turn heads.  Here’s the thing…  if you can’t strut your stuff after class because you’re stuck in traction, that “hard core” body isn’t doing you a whole lot of good.  Risk injury just to prove you’re “hard core?”  No thanks.
  2. Fuse is different.  Yes, we’re hard core.  And yes, you’ll sweat.  But you’ll do it in a safe environment.  All of our workouts are led by teachers who have undergone rigorous training and understand the impact of the exercises they teach on your body.  One-weekend-crash-course-certifications? Hell no.
  3. Our classes are specific to you. This doesn’t mean we let you off the hook if you’re hungover or having a rough day.  Just the opposite.  Our teachers push you to reach your limits – your full potential.  Each class is different, every workout unique.  The result?  A toned and strong body (and often the realization that workouts can be as fun as they are effective).
Need more reason?  Read what our devotees have to say.  They brag on us far more than we ever would (at least in public). For more information on all things Fuse, and to be added to our monthly newsletter, contact us today.

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