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Fuse Pilates Classes in DC

We offer Pilates, yoga & fitness classes for beginners to pros and athletes. Browse our group fitness class offerings and register online today.

    • Fuse Pilates®

      Fuse Pilates, the original Fuse class, is a flowing mat class, choreographed on the spot, to music, around three body parts as requested by the students. Lower abs? Glutes? Arms? Back? Muffin top? Saddlebags? Love handles? Throw out your request, and we’ll help you redefine it.This is an all-level class, and teachers can (and happily do) make modifications for new students. But if you’re really new to working out, or a little intimidated by the fast pace of a Fuse Pilates class, try the Foundations level for more demonstrations and a slower pace.

    • Fuse Reformer

      Fuse Reformer combines the traditional with the far-from-traditional, taking you through a total body workout on one of Pilates favorite, and most famous, apparatus.  Of course, it’s still taught by request and choreographed to music.

    • Fuse Ladder

      Fuse Ladder (patent pending) is a full body, challenging, fun workout (emphasis on the “work.”) Focusing on functional movements, spring and body weight exercises, and balance challenges, Ladder goes after both the big muscles and the smaller, stabilizing muscles. Expect to climb, hang, lunge, squat, push, pull, and more. As with all other Fuse classes, Ladder is taught on request and backed up with fun music.

      Level 1

      These classes take things a little easier and are great for beginners and offer easier variations to the hanging exercise series.

      Level 2

      These classes up the ante – adding challenges like (supported) handstand pushups and longer hanging sequences. Either class is appropriate for all levels – we’re happy to adjust to where you are that day.

    • Fuse Reformer Plus

      This circuit-style class is functional training at its finest. Combining Pilates reformer, tower and chair exercises with the signature Fuse method, this apparatus class offers a unique opportunity to experience the amazing strengthening and toning benefits of the  Pilates machines. Fall in love with the progressive resistance of springs and see your body transformed in the process.

    • Fuse Toys

      What would The Playground be without recess? “Toys” is your opportunity to play… Fuse style. This all-levels mat class adds in the challenge of all of our favorite toys, using the magic circle, weights, balls, and whatever other implements we can get our hands on.

    • Fuse Yoga Flow

      This invigorating all-levels class is the perfect break from your day! The goal of this class is to challenge your mind and body and help you release stress while gaining strength, balance and flexibility. We will cover step-back sun salutations, standing poses, hip-openers, seated poses, twists, backbends, and basic inversions. Newer students can build a strong base while more seasoned yogis can take their chatarunga and backbends deeper with variations. AVAILABLE AT FOXHALL LOCATION ONLY.

    • Fuse Gentle Yoga Flow

      If you’re looking for a lower-key, more meditative flow, this class is for you. Suitable for those newer to yoga or dealing with minor mobility issues and injuries. Modifications and variations will be offered to allow you to tailor the practice to your personal needs and goals. Hands-on adjustments will also be offered to improve alignment, stability & strength in each pose. AVAILABLE AT FOXHALL LOCATION ONLY.

    • Bones & Balance

      Bones & Balance focuses on strengthening the bones with weighted movement in different planes. The class will include jumping and balance exercises that challenge the body using props such as circles, bands and balls to enhance the movements. Extension versus flexion exercises will be emphasized to strengthen the back muscles and support an upright posture. AVAILABLE AT FOXHALL LOCATION ONLY.

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